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Welcome to California Foundation for Medical Care

Headquartered in Riverside, California, the California Foundation for Medical Care (CFMC) is a PPO organization representing a unique partnership of 13 Foundations for Medical Care located as far north as Humboldt and as far south as San Diego covering the entire state. As one of California’s largest independent PPO networks, offering access to our network through TPAs, carriers and managed care plans, we help clients manage medical expenditures, ease administrative burdens and promote optimal patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Organized over 50 years ago, the concept was started by local County Medical Associations to preserve access to affordable healthcare.  

  • Serving over 1.2 million Californians
  • One of the largest statewide PPO & EPO Networks
  • Nearly 34,000 Physicians
  • Over 300 Hospitals
  • Over 6,000 Ancillary Providers
    • Ambulatory Care Centers
    • Diagnostic Imaging Centers
    • Surgicenters
    • Laboratories
    • Chemical Dependency centers
    • Mental Health Facilities


As physician-driven organizations, the Foundations under the CFMC network are committed to providing high quality health care while allowing patients the freedom to choose their providers. Through our comprehensive network of health care providers, careful utilization review, and peer review, we have demonstrated significant savings for our clients.

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